Respolab's mask offers virus protection with filtered airflow on both inhalation and exhalation to prevent the spread of viruses. Our mask is 100% recyclable and can be produced readily in the UK using approved materials. We are making our masks available at cost to healthcare workers around the globe.

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Most currently used surgical style masks don’t filter virus particles & are poorly fitting. Valved masks allow the transmission of viruses from asymptomatic (Don’t display symptoms) users with no filtration on exhalations.

Certification of FFP2 & FFP3 masks supplied from over seas is unclear

Respolab has identified a requirement for a mask providing effective filtration in both inhalation and exhaltion. To prevent the transmition of viruses whilst maintaining a comfortable breathing condition that does not promote the build up of CO2 in the mask's internal volume. 



Over the last 4 weeks the team at Respolab have worked tirelessly to bring to market a face mask that sits between the low cost disposable face masks and heavy duty respirators. We have developed a patented filter system capable of capturing nano particles and blocking virus transmission. It’s manufactured entirely in the UK to preempt potential supply chain issues and comes as a full face or half face solution. All at a price point below the cheapest disposable masks.



When the right minds come together great things can happen. The team at Respolab have devised an ingenious solution to supply chain issues producing a product capable of superseding current offerings and pulling on alternative resource streams to deliver PPE equipment to front line workers without bottlenecks. 

Porous Filter Media

160L/min through flow

easy breathing inlet & outlet

To support our technology advancement & the innovations we are bringing to market, we are currently preparing to raise funds on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

A High Performance Half Mask Alternative, Agile: Uses the same components as the full face mask, with the face guard being replaced by a filter cover. Safe: Conforming to EN149 valve-less standards. Surpassing requirements for comfortable breathing. Recyclable: Parts can easily be separated at end of life for recycling, and can also be produced from recycled stock. Safe: Food contact plastics conforming to Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011.

• Produced using readily available materials

• Avoiding production bottlenecks

• Customisable design with color options available

• Filter cover is easily removable

• Made from recycled material

• Utilising alternative supply chains from conventional mask manufacture


We need your support in producing our product and rolling it out to as many vulnerable people around the globe as possible. To achieve this we are looking to onboard licensees in multiple countries over the coming weeks. We will provide all the design and manufacturing data required to allow reliable production using local supply chains.  Get in touch to discuss licensee options with attractive finance options and ROI available. 

• 3D data made available for localised production

• Overcoming logistical challenges & reducing costs

• Ensuring rapid availability to the global market

• Using local supply chains


Respolab is a collective of individuals setting out to make a positive social change.Quality. Fair Pricing. Exceptional Service. These are the hallmarks under which Respolab was established. At Respolab, we provide clients with high quality medical equipment at unbeatable prices. Our business was founded in March 2020 on the principles of fairness and accessibility, we pride ourselves on our commitment to these founding principles to this day.



The analysis of data and studying of trends across the globe can reveal some secrets as to which measures are successful at reducing the transmission of viruses and, in turn, the number of deaths in any country. In recent weeks some countries have made face masks mandatory with noticeable effect. 

Countries with mandatory mask usage break the trend of transmission

The importance of a well fitting mask, such as Respolab's offering pictured above, is evident. The removal of exhalation valves can prevent the risk of virus transmission by asymptomatic sufferers and significantly reduce the likelihood of virus particles propagating to others in the immediate vicinity. 

The diagram shown to the right shows the estimated projection of particles from a sufferer. Note, at the nano meter scale convection and air currents can increase these distances. 

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