RespoLab is making best in class respirators accessible to all. Offering a step change in design, aesthetic and comfort.


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"The mask I received matches the renders and photos on the web. It is very well made and designed using quality components.

The filters are easy to fit.

The fit to my face once I had adjusted the strap was perfect and was very comfortable."

David - Kickstarter

"Received my beta mask on Monday and took the opportunity to wear it for 4 hours while playing golf. I found breathing very easy and natural and there was only a little condensation inside the mask. As I wear glasses I am pleased to report there was absolutely no fogging. I believe the team have designed a very good product."

Philip - Beta Tester

"Super impressed by what the team at RespoLab have been able to create in a very short time. This mask offers amazing performance at a price point lower than the competitors. Comfortable, styling, light and practical. I would recommend to anyone." 

Emilia - Beta Tester

"This is the best face mask I have worn. Breathing is easy. Air is cool rather than feeling hot like on others. My glasses have not fogged up yet. I have been singing your praises. Where can I point people to buy more?"

Roger - Kickstarter

"I received my Beta mask this morning and am really impressed! Its comfortable, well made and fits the bigger face well as its so flexible to accommodate different shapes. The breathability is as good as my other mask and....zero fogging!"

Simon - Indiegogo


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We guarantee

No Misting

of glasses

Independently tested


filtration efficiency

Breathing & fit


by proven design

Medical grade material


in detergent

Filters just

40p Daily

replaced weekly


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perfect fit

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Enjoy free UK delivery on orders of £100 or more, get in touch for shipping details on larger orders. Deliveries will take two to four days to arrive.


If you change your mind about your order, you can send it back to us. You have 14 days from the date of delivery to return your order. Items must be in original sealed packaging.